viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2016



Hi Children,

As I told you in the morning, your homework for Tuesday are:

- To watch the three videos I uploaded about Art *  (I didn't tell you, but that is called FLIPPED CLASS).

- Prepare your speech for 5 minutes in the class. Remember you CAN NOT MEMORIZED it. However, you can bring at least 10 key words on a paper if you need it.

- FINISH THE CHRISTMAS CARD & TEXT if you haven´t given to me today. INCLUDE ONE of the CHRISTMAS GREETINGS that I wrote the last days in this blog

Note 1 *.- Please, watch the videos and take notes if you need it, because here you have the explanation. We will do the activity in class.


- The ink pad (you have this already)
- Top bottles
- Scissors 
- Wasi tape (...only if you did not bring one to the classroom. If you are one of the students that brought it in September, you don't have to bring it this time.)
- Coloured paper (if you have at home, don't buy it) ...
 - ....& a LOT OF imagination

If any of your mothers have an extra disc/sponge for make up, bring it to the school. We will use it, so you couldn't returned it to your house after the activity.

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