miércoles, 11 de enero de 2017



Good afternoon, children!

As we have started a new year, I think that making a new display about 'New Year's Resolutions' will be very interesting. But what does a resolution mean? A resolution is one of that whises that we make at the begining of the year.
Look  at the next photograph about a New Year's Resolution sentences. If you would have to include two of them in our classroom, which ones would you write? Choose two  sentences and copy them in your notebook. The most voted ones will be placed in our school. THANK YOU!

We will vote them tomorrow in the English class, and we will designó our display in the next Art les son on Friday, so don't forget your creativity on that day!

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  1. I do not see any pictures on my computer or on my cell phone

  2. I dont see any picture on my tablet

  3. Estamos teniendo un problema con la publicación de la fotografía para la actividad de Literacy, tened paciencia que lo vamos a conseguir. Gracias.

  4. Chicos a la cama pronto, ya veréis la fotografía mañana!
    Buenas noches!

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  6. I´m sorry, teacher but I don´t see any photograph. Good night!